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Make money
with  Frog Algo

Join the Frog Algo Affiliate program and earn the lifetime recurring commission per new user referral. You will earn a 30% commission for a month.

If you have more than 100,000 Youtube, Instagram, Tiktok subscribers ( followers), (email contacts) we can provide you a special rate ( Up to 40%). Contact us through the chat button or mail to


04 Reasons Why You Should Trust and Recommend the Frog Algo Tool.


Traders Trusted Frog Algo

The Algo is trusted by hundreds of traders, the proven trading solution for many beginners since its release on the TradingView at the beginning of 2022. The chat Customer Service is available 24/7 for all traders.

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​Vip Partners

Our VIP partners are rewarded with higher commission rates ( up to 40%) and dedicated support assistance. The goal is to save your time and make more money with the  Frog Algo. 

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Passive Income

You just need to refer to the other one and get paid each month while he uses Frog Algo.  We have a competitive affiliate rate with 30% monthly.

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Live Trade, Live Chat

Our comprehensive trading tools live directly on Youtube, TradingView , Twitter and Discord.


asked questions.

  • Where can I apply for affiliate link?
    Enter your email in the field above or log in, you'll find the link to share.
  • How to keep track my earning?
    You can click "Log In" link above, which will show you a full dashboard with all of your conversions, estimated payments, previous payouts, etc.
  • How can I share my affiliate link?
    You can share your link for referring friends or even promoting to audiences on social media to earn commission.
  • What is the difference between your algo and others?
    The high accuracy and easy experience are two key factors differentiating Frog Algo from other competitors. Frog Algo signal provides the traders a much better experience in their trading journey. Our highly accurate signal and the most simple and user-friendly interface help traders understand and execute the trading efficiently and sharply.
  • What is algo?
    Frog Algo develops the feedback-oriented indicators that provide traders with next-generation algo. The Frog Algo Basic and Gold on TradingView consist of six indicators. They are all-in-one toolkits with dozens of unique features for traders to use in their technical analysis.
  • What is the accuracy of your signals?
    There is no magical or holy grail indicator on the market. If you’re new or experienced traders, we still recommend that practicing with our tool in a short time is necessary before trading with your real money. Paper-trading and risk management are the elements to be successful in the market.
  • What version of Tradingview do I need?
    We recommend traders to use Pro Account on Tradingview to have a better view for trading. Otherwise, only one basic account is needed for our Algo tool. The following steps are takes to start your trading: Access to Create an account for free / pro account Access to Subscribe one of our plan Provide us your tradingview username to be added to Frog Algo tool.
  • Why am I getting a study error on the tradingview indicator?
    Please reload your browser/app a couple of times to clear the error. Alternatively, send an email with your TradingView username to, and our customer care team will grant you full access within a few hours.
  • Is that friendly with beginners?
    Frog Algo is very user friendly and designed for traders at all levels from beginners to highly experienced traders. The signals and features in our tool are easy to understand even for those with no trading experience. At the same time, we also recommend our traders to practice and trade by paper account in recommended period of two weeks until they feel confident and familiar with tools before trading with real money.
  • How long do I need to wait for my algo?
    Check the login you used to link your TradingView account. If this is the case, restart your browser/app and then go back to TradingView's indicators menu - Invite-only scripts It may take 10 to 20 minutes to get indexed in TradingView's user-base if you just opened a TradingView account when you signed up for Frog Algo. Please wait a few moments and then try again on your tradingview. If you still don't have access, write an email to with your TradingView username, and our customer service team will give you full access within a few hours.
  • How do I pause my subscription?
    You can halt your subscription by going to PayPal or logging into your account on and clicking pause subscription. For further information, write an email to with your TradingView username.
  • After payment, I don’t see my script in tradingview?
    You must first open a chart in TradingView before using the indicators. Once the chart is open, click Indicators (or type /) to access the indicator menu, then choose "invite-only scripts" you should see the indicator names appear; click one of them to add it to your chart. If you need to access the indicators fast, you can add them to your favorites by clicking the star on the left. You will then be able to load the starred indication directly from your favorites.

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