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What is re-painting indicator?

In TradingView, repainting refers to the phenomenon where an indicator's past signals or values change or disappear as new data becomes available. It can be misleading and create the illusion of accuracy in historical analysis.

When an indicator repaints, it means that its calculations or plotted values are not based solely on historical data but may be influenced by future data. This can lead to a distortion of the indicator's performance when reviewing historical charts or backtesting strategies.

Repainting indicators can be problematic because they can create false signals or make it appear as though the indicator was accurate in predicting past market movements when, in reality, it was not. Traders may be tempted to base their decisions on past signals generated by repainting indicators, which can lead to poor trading outcomes in real-time.

It is generally recommended to avoid using indicators that have a reputation for repainting, as they can be misleading and unreliable. When selecting indicators in TradingView or any other trading platform, it's essential to conduct thorough research and choose those that have been proven to be reliable and do not repaint.


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