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Market Reversals, Price Actions

We bridge the gap between beginner and professional traders, achieving consistent profits through the implementation of simple trading strategies.





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We help you trade effectively and professionally 

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We make
profit consistently.

A Consistent Plan is the Secret to highly profitable trading IF:

Stick the plan when trading
Stick the rules of spotting marketing reversals
Take profit and run

Get algo now...

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I'm thrilled to hear that you've been having an incredible week of trading! It's not about the specific amount you've made but rather the fact that you've achieved a 95% success rate using FrogAlgo's Spotting Market Reversal strategy. It sounds like you're truly enjoying yourself, and now that you've concluded your last trade for the day at 12:30, you're planning to take your amazing wife out for lunch. That's fantastic!

There's an essential lesson that all FrogAlgo students should internalize: winning requires careful planning and thorough preparation. Only by putting in the necessary effort to strategize and equip yourself with the right tools can you expect to achieve consistent success. This mindset is key to thriving in trading or any other endeavor.

@Yash Rana

Twitter Follower

This was my first week of live trading after doing two weeks of simulated trading. The system works - period.

I started the week with $3,135 in my Robinhood account and ending it with this morning trades at $5,594. This week I achieved an ROE of 44.84% in spite of losing $331.00 on Monday.

All I can say is watch the videos a few times if needed and get to learn the character of the index or stock your trading. With the indicators and following the rules it's hard to make many mistakes.

Ru Nguyen

Discord Member

I am having a hard time understanding the spotting market reversal rules, please help.

Our spotting market reversal rules can sometimes be a little overwhelming for new traders. We suggest watching our guides file, our tutorials on the Youtube channel, read our tutorial, and join our discord channel to see how other members use the platform. Just hold tight and spend some time, you will understand everything in no time.

How are tools and rules being used in trading chart?

Traders should allocate a few weeks to practice utilizing our combination of tools along with the rules for spotting market reversals. Furthermore, it is crucial to consistently analyze each trade while trading. We emphasize the importance of analyzing why we enter and exit trades based on the rules and tools provided. This analytical approach enhances our understanding and effectiveness in the trading process.

How does Tradytics compare with other competitors?
Do you have a refund policy?

Unlike our competitors who tend to concentrate on specific aspects such as indicators or alerts, our company stands out by offering the most comprehensive range of services. We provide a luxurious set of tools and incredible rules for market reversal that cater to all types of traders. Our ultimate objective is to become the go-to platform for retail traders, providing them with access to every essential data point necessary to make informed trading decisions.

We allow refunds within a 7-day period if you are not satisfied or do not understand our services, which means you have 7 days after you first sign up for any Frog Algo subscription plan via card to receive a refund.

To get a refund, you can contact us at and we will assist you within 3 hours. Refunds generally take 3-5 business days to arrive in your bank.

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