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Super Buy | Super Sell

Great for beginners and as an additional confirmation tool for experienced traders. The Super Buy or Super Sell signal is a game-changing new tool that will help you maximize your trading potential while lowering your risk.

EMA Energy 

Cloud-based intelligence for executing the perfect trade. With EMA Cloud, traders  more confident when trading. Our Volatility and EMA Cloud will act as a confirmation for trading decisions and ensure a perfect trade every time.

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Reversal Balls

These are represented by a  yellow, purple colors. These balls will show when reversal happening. It is great when combining with Super Sell | Super Buy Signals

Triangle Pattern Detection

 Our toolkit has it's own automatic pattern detection system available to detect triangle pattern, by combining top & bottom indicator. 

Screen Shot 2022-07-24 at 1.56.54 PM-min.png

Candles Gradient

Confirmation Gradient color mode is also based on the volumes and RSI that generates confirmation signals, but will slightly differ from the previously described confirmation simple color mode. Lighter green colors indicate strong bullish, while lighter red colors indicate strong bearish. 

And more indicators coming...

A word from the founder

" I build FrogAlgo to see what the future trading is; it's more fun when you build it with friends who share the same habits. Thank you for everything you've done to create exceptional products. We love hearing feedback from the customers. "

Andy T.
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 How it Work

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3.       Get access to our Indicators

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